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Dat Security In Medical Canvassingby Kristian Piipponen

It seems that every week we hear about yet another data breach where people’s personal data has been compromised. Security of information has never been as important or as mainstream as it is today and should be of the utmost importance whenever choosing a medical canvassing partner. Whomever you choose, be sure that they take measures to maximize BOTH physical and cyber security when it comes to protecting data.

To create a high level of physical security, it is important for your medical canvassing provider to perform canvassing from SECURE and PROFESSIONAL office location(s). The first and most essential action is to restrict entry to essential personnel only. Additional procedures like paperless environments and both audio and visual surveillance of canvassing facilities greatly minimize the possibility of data breaches.

As for cyber security, it is important that the medical canvassing provider is SOC-2 compliant with a secure customer facing interface. It is important to remember that communication methods such as email are prime targets for hackers. The best option is for you to communicate with your provider through a secure portal or interfaced system. Whenever it is necessary to communicate via email be sure to exclude sensitive information, such as social security numbers. Another important question to ask is if the medical canvass provider carries sufficient cyber security insurance. This should cover any potential damages in the unfortunate instance of a data breach occurring.

Maintaining the security of others’ information is a key responsibility of any company and at INTERTEL we take that responsibility seriously.

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