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New Medical Canvassing Sub-Brand

Becomes Part of the INTERTEL Family, Providing Integrated Medical Canvassing Services to the Disability and Life Insurance Industry

Pre-ex Canvass LogoSt. Louis, Missouri (August 28, 2018) – Citing increased demand for Medical Canvassing services from their diverse client base, INTERTEL, the nationally recognized leader in Medical Canvassing, has launched its Medical Canvassing sub-brand, PRE-EX CANVASS, the company announced today.
INTERTEL offers Medical Canvassing to allow insurance carriers to take advantage of their dedicated resources, including onsite, full-time employees with the logistical capabilities to continually offer best-in-class service and results. As the industry architect, INTERTEL will provide the most secure, consistent and quality information to the Disability and Life Claims and Underwriting Industry.

“Canvassing for the Disability and Life Insurance sectors is a rapidly growing competency within INTERTEL,” said Steve DeRossett, President of INTERTEL, Inc. “We formed PRE-EX CANVASS to accelerate our investment in innovative canvassing talent and services, and to provide our clients with a platform for easy referrals and data-driven information solutions. PRE-EX CANVASS represents the future of customizing canvassing for the Disability and Life industry.”

As many as 130 million adults under age 65 in the U.S. have pre-existing conditions. Of those, many apply for private individual or group short-term disability benefits – or – wait and apply for long-term disability benefits based on claims for physical or psychological injuries or illnesses. Insurance companies then review available medical information to make a claims decision. Most long-term disability policies contain a clause that allows an insurance company to make a claim decision on the basis that a pre-existing condition exists. INTERTEL’s PRE-EX CANVASS is key in that process.
In securing life insurance, some pre-existing conditions may be automatic disqualifiers. Several pre-existing conditions can make it difficult to obtain life insurance. A PRE-EX CANVASS works with life carriers on both the underwriting and claim end to secure the information necessary to make the proper determination on assessing that risk or covering the claim.

“We’re excited to share the news of the launch of our new PRE-EX CANVASS sub-brand,” DeRossett said. “We are founded on the belief that a more tailored level of engagement with the claims industry is key to helping clients in reducing overall costs of claims processing and, at times, avoid cost shifting, or negate the claim completely. PRE-EX CANVASS is an evolution of our current INTERTEL capabilities. PRE-EX CANVASS has been formed to help our Disability and Life Claims and Underwriting clients better understand the power of a canvass for pre-existing medical treatment and to solve claims issues with accurate, timely, and insightful information.”

About INTERTEL, Inc., An Ontellus Company

INTERTEL provides professional, cost-effective medical canvassing as well as other intelligence solutions to assist in identifying pertinent information for the insurance claims industry. With dedicated staff serving insurance companies, self-insured companies, and third-party administrators around the world, INTERTEL knows how to obtain legal, ethical, and actionable information on questionable claims. INTERTEL, the nationally recognized leader and industry architect, provides the most secure, consistent, and quality information to the claims industry. INTERTEL is part of Ontellus who provides Records Retrieval and Claims Intelligence Services for Insurers.