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When choosing a medical canvassing provider it is important that you choose a partner whom is well-versed in both the legal and regulatory environments they operate.

It is imperative that the medical canvassing provider knows how to represent themselves and you in an appropriate manner when communicating with healthcare providers. An important measure that canvassing providers should take is having an established training program for their canvassers. This program should entail proper ways to ask for information including, but not limited to, how to identify yourself as well as what kind of information to request and/or accept. A medical canvassing provider whom does not communicate in a precise and consistent manner during every communication with a healthcare provider can jeopardize the integrity of the data they acquire.

Furthermore, it is also important that the medical canvassing provider you choose maintains records of their communications with healthcare providers such as recordings of the phone calls when allowed. This is important if there ever is a need to revisit a particular communication between a medical canvassing provider and healthcare provider.

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