Duck Creek Technologies

The INTERTEL – Duck Creek Partnership

Optimizing Claims Operations

The seamless integration with Duck Creek will decrease cycle time and improve productivity across your claims organization.

  • Prefilled Claims Information While Ordering
  • Automated Status Updates
  • Integrated Delivery of Records Retrieved
  • Instant Access to Information
  • Securely Initiate, Track, and Receive A Medical Canvass

Duck Creek Technologies + INTERTEL

Today, many insurance claims adjusters are using Duck Creek to be faster, nimbler, and more innovative than ever before. Striving to partner with today’s leading technologies, INTERTEL has joined Duck Creek as a partner allowing insurance claims adjusters to manage their medical canvass requests all through Duck Creek – powered by INTERTEL’s secure portal, iTotalAccess.

With INTERTEL’s Integration With Duck Creek, Claims Adjusters can now…

  • Securely initiate medical canvass requests, saving time as claim information auto-populates within the request form to eliminate retyping
  • Track all details (confirmations, notifications, updates, etc.) related to medical canvass
  • Securely receive completed medical canvass reports via automated upload into Duck Creek

What Will the Partnership Mean for Insurers?

INTERTEL’s integration with Duck Creek provides value for claims departments by further streamlining the gathering and evaluation process of injury claims. The benefits of this integration include increased efficiency, automated status updates, secure delivery of completed reports and instant access to critical information – resulting into informed decision-making and faster claims resolution. Learn more about this partnership.

Learn More About The Duck Creek & INTERTEL Partnership

Duck Creek™

Duck Creek™ Technologies is a leading provider of core system solutions to the P&C and General Insurance industry. Its comprehensive claims management solution helps Insurers manage the entire claims lifecycle – from the first notice of loss to settlement – in a single integrated solution.

  • Improve Claims Handling and Reduce Claims Cycle Times
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Innovate Faster and Improve Operational Efficiency


INTERTEL™, the nationally recognized leader provides the claims industry with the most secure, consistent, & comprehensive information for over 2 decades. Our dedicated resources are highly specialized bringing over 30 years of experience in the Medical Canvassing field, and more than 60 years in the insurance business. Currently, Intertel maintains the largest canvass operation in the country. Split between 2 cities (St. Louis & Denver) and 4 locations, our full time canvassing staff has the logistical capabilities to continually offer best-in-class service and results.

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