Uncover & Verify Medical Treatment History For Injury Claims

Medical canvassing is one of the few ways to uncover and verify medical treatment information for a claim. Specifically, treatment date information (admit & discharge, prescription fill, and imaging dates). Medical canvassing pairs nicely with claims indexing and subject statements about prior medical treatment.

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INTERTEL’s best-in-class service & technology provide the most comprehensive, accurate and secure medical canvass data. INTERTEL’s highly specialized medical canvassing resources provide the following:

Visualization of key data points to avoid time sorting treatment history or relevance

Tools to assist with the analysis and interpretation of information contained in the canvass reporting

Proprietary software identifies pertinent facilities that match the requested type and scope

Proprietary Medical Canvass Platform provides the ability to integrate with various claim systems and analytic models

Proven, auditable security standards (SOC 2 Type II) maintained by our Medical Canvass Program

Effective Medical Canvassing Process

How It Works

Medical canvasses are designed to contact the closest medical facilities in a specific geographic area to identify When & Where an injured person may have received medical treatment. The starting point is usually the Claimant’s home address, but it can be equally helpful to search the area around the work address or even a prior address of the injured person.

Canvassing can assist all lines of insurance associated with any bodily injury claim (workers’ compensation, auto bodily injury, disability, etc…). No matter the line of insurance involved, the key point of consideration is that at any time a claimant and/or their attorney may knowingly withhold information pertaining to a claimant’s medical treatment history. As an example, claimants often “pick and choose” what medical information is being shared whether it is a 1st party or 3rd party claim. In any case, being able to further validate or discover other medical providers involved in treating the claimant is always going to be critical in evaluating the claim.

Step 1

Streamlined Order Submission

Utilize iTotalAccess, online request form, or request form integration to make your request. Once you have submitted your request, INTERTEL’s intake team will confirm all demographics via third party information resource integrations. If any discrepancies are identified such as aliases, variations of DOB and/or SSN, or additional address history one of our Client Success Team members will contact you to review the information prior to final submission for the assignment.

Step 2

INTERTEL Conducts Canvass

Once your request is reviewed & confirmed, our proprietary software will identify all medical facilities matching the criteria of your selected medical facility types. Thus, building a list of medical facilities to be contacted that have already eliminated all “bad facilities” and duplicate listing. Then, our expertly trained medical canvassing analyst will begin the initial contacts of all medical facilities listed. Upon the completion of the initial canvass, additional QC protocols will be triggered by MedCheckPro allowing our review process to seamlessly begin. Finally, the completed canvass set up for formatting for final report generation.

Step 3

Best-In-Class Reporting

Finally, after the canvass has been thoroughly reviewed and formatted, INTERTEL’s system will notify the client based on their preferred workflow to the completed status of the report. You will receive an email confirming the completion with a link to your completed medical canvass. If there is an established integration, the report will be uploaded to your third party system for your review. INTERTEL’s proprietary software has the capability to integrate via the following:

  • Single Sign On with Various Platforms
  • Guidewire – INTERTEL Medical Canvass Accelerator (V9&V10)
  • Secure FTP

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As one of the original companies to offer medical canvassing services, INTERTEL’s dedicated resources are highly specialized and provide unmatched experience in the medical canvassing field. Currently, INTERTEL maintains the largest canvass operation in the country. INTERTEL’s full time canvassing staff has the logistical capabilities to continually offer the best-in-class service and results.ind out why the top insurance carriers, TPAs, and defense firms choose INTERTEL as their trusted partner for medical canvassing.


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INTERTEL is the gold standard for medical canvassing! I have worked with other canvass companies, and your service, reports, and customer service are far-and-away better than any of the others!

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