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Social media activity levels continue to increase at exponential rates. It’s estimated that people have, on average, 7.6 social media accounts each. Over 200,000 images and videos are posted every minute on Facebook and Instagram alone. The data that can be gathered via this open-source intelligence can be crucial when conducting due diligence associated with a file when it is secured the right way. We understand that today’s investigative professionals not only want something that is visually pleasing but need the ability to preserve and share actionable data now when it is located.

Data Integrity Is Our #1 Concern

Security is an important feature in any process that handles evidence

Our state-of-the-art collection process provides an unprecedented view of social media activity, utilizing new technology that provides an offline, mirror image of the data. We encrypt that data as it is captured to ensure that it cannot be altered or modified, making your evidence legally defensible. Additionally, INTERTEL automatically downloads all the videos from the most popular social media platforms, at no additional cost, ensuring that you don’t miss out on vital evidence. INTERTEL’s approach allows you to analyze data as your schedule permits.

Social Canvass – Redefining What It Means To Investigate

How It Works

INTERTEL’s industry-leading Social Canvassing Tools are a comprehensive solution to the traditional products offered in the industry. We’ve taken the process of searching, capturing, and preserving digital evidence and created a cost-effective, legally defensible product that is scalable to your needs.

More than basic search and PDF printout, we provide you with a complete list of all discovered and captured social media accounts and related Internet links. Videos from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Secure, offline, capture of social media webpages with corresponding metadata, and if requested, a review of the materials by a licensed professional who will summarize the findings related to your specific needs.

Step 1

Submit A Social Canvass Request

Visit our Social Canvass Request Form and scroll down to choose your OPTI. Then fill in identifying information and submit.

Advanced Search Techniques

Acquiring the right information requires the right tools and skills. Our data-driven strategy combines various consumer data resources, automated computer programs, and more importantly, humans, to locate and verify social media accounts and online information ensuring you get an accurate and complete picture.

Step 2

Search & Capture

Our search-and-capture tools guided with human intelligence will conduct an in-depth search of the claimant’s digital footprint.

Sophisticated Collection Process

Preserving the integrity of your digital information is a critical step in any process. Otherwise, you risk having your evidence challenged and excluded during litigation. To safeguard against potential manipulation or unintended data conversions, INTERTEL utilizes a secure process of adding a SHA256 cryptographic hash to all our captures and video downloads. Authenticating your data now, before it’s too late.

Step 3

Receive Your Social Canvass Report

A link to the claimant’s Social Canvassing Report will be emailed to you along with your personalized INTERTEL portal credentials.

Effective Digital Records Retention

INTERTEL understands that having a strong records retention policy will assist you in your obligations under the U.S. Federal Rules of Evidence and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. With our focus on e-Discovery, we take advantage of the cloud, archiving all your data, including videos, for a minimum of 10 years. Access your data whenever you want, share it easily with your team or counsel, and have the confidence to know that it is safe and secure.

Human Innovation. Absolute Intelligence.

Contact us today for a demonstration to learn how INTERTEL’s optimized social media solutions can increase your productivity, enhance your file management process, and reduce costs associated with litigation.


Not All Social Media Reports are Created Equal

I absolutely loved this. Your report is so clean and easy to understand, and sharing the files with counsel was super easy. Plus, not having to ask separately to have the videos downloaded…brilliant!

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