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No matter the line of insurance, law firms are at the mercy of medical treatment information provided by their client, or opposing counsel. Utilizing medical canvassing can drastically reduce the chances of missing crucial medical treatment dates that may otherwise remain unknown. Medical canvassing will streamline the manual review of medical treatment dates and decrease the time required to subpoena or retrieve records.


The Most Secure & Comprehensive Solution

iTotalAccess allows organization to maximize their use of medical canvass and social media programs. iTotalAccess provides capabilities that enable the analysis and interpretation of the medical treatment data identified within a completed report. Additionally, iTotalAccess has been developed to integrate with various third-party data management systems. Thus, major efficiency gains are recognized by streamlining the referral process and increasing the security of information being transmitted while making a canvass request as well as receiving the completed report. The platform includes the following features:

Automated status updates available 24/7

Visualization of key data points – interactive map & assignment views

Interactive features to help sort treatment history data – treatment timelines

Secure Archiving for data preservation

Company & industry medical canvass usage analysis

Access to active assignments & previously completed reports

Analyze and interpret information more effectively

Seamlessly & securely share pertinent information with colleagues

Seamless integrations with third-party systems

Single sign-on & secure FTP integration capabilities

Securely Review Or Submit Your Canvass Assignment