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Ownocc or anyoccLong-term disability (LTD) policies usually belong to two categories: Own Occupation (ownocc) or Any Occupation (anyocc). When a claimant first is approved for LTD, it is as “ownocc.” This policy defines a disability as the inability to work at your regular occupation, but you may still be able to work in another field. After a year, the claimant is re-evaluated and so is their status. If it is believed that they can still do work, but not in their field, then they will continue to receive ownocc. However, if the claimant is proven to be unable to work in any occupation, their policy is reclassified as “anyocc.” Anyocc policies usually mean more money for the claimant than ownocc policies, since it is implied that the claimant is able to still find work.

Because the classification of the policy is determined what kind of work a claimant can and cannot do, it is a prime area for INTERTEL to be of assistance! In addition, at both stages of the LTD process, checking for pre-existing conditions is of the utmost importance.  Most long-term disability policies contain a clause that allows an insurance company to make a claim decision on the basis that a pre-existing condition exists. INTERTEL’s PRE-EX Canvass is key in that process. INTERTEL can perform a PRE-EX Canvasses at Pain Management Clinics, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and MANY MORE!

If there is ever a question of doubt, perform a Medical Canvass. If, as an adjustor, you are encountering a claim that requires an extra sprinkle of assurance, perform a Medical Canvass. INTERTEL will contact medical facilities in a specified geographical area where the claimant may have received medical treatment. From there, adjustors are able to seek out more information, or even better! With a signed Medical Authorization, INTERTEL can retrieve records for you!

An INTERTEL PRE-EX Canvass goes beyond verifying a claimant’s medical history. Find out how so by visiting the Services tab of our website, or see for yourself!



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