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INTERTEL’s InsurTech approach collects and analyzes vast amounts of intelligence to deliver actionable medical canvass data with speed and precision.

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Medical Canvassing

INTERTEL’s Canvass approach consists of a timely and accurate data gathering process unlike any other in the industry. Learn more about the nation’s #1 Medical Canvass Services Provider.

Social Canvassing Tools

State-of-the-art collection process and unprecedented views of social media activity, utilizing new technology that provides an offline, mirror image of critical data.

Medical Records

Request, retrieve, organize and deliver medical records needed for insurance carrier or law firm to process claims or litigation. Powered by Ontellus, the nation’s leader in records retrieval.

Canvassing For Claims

The largest insurance claims organizations in the country trust INTERTEL as their preferred provider of medical canvass data.

Canvassing For Investigators

Actionable medical canvass data that assists Special Investigation Unit’s (SIU) and licensed private investigative agencies.

Canvassing For Law Firms

Insurance defense firms benefit greatly in discovering unknown historical medical treatment as part of the claims litigation process.

The Leader In Insurance Intelligence

In the world of insurance, medical canvassing is critical to uncovering accurate medical information. Insurance providers are faced with cases of insurance fraud every year which can quickly accumulate and create massive losses for the company. In order to prevent these losses, it’s imperative to properly investigate and verify a claimant’s medical background.

At INTERTEL, we provide specialized resources and unmatched experience in medical canvassing and social media intelligence. We are the largest canvass operation in the country working with major insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and self-insured organizations. Our full-time canvassing staff has the logistical capabilities to continually offer best-in-class service and results.

A Partner You Can Trust

#1 Source For Secure & Accurate Treatment History Data

For over 25 years, INTERTEL has been the nationally recognized leader in medical canvassing. We provide the most secure, consistent, and accurate information to the insurance and claims defense industry.


The First & Only Canvass Solution Streamlined For Adjusters

INTERTEL’s Ready For Guidewire accelerator allows users to easily reuest a new medical canvass from us via ClaimCenter. This help to better streamline and secure the claims handling process for adjusters.

Ready For GuideWire Claim Center

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Custom reporting, quick turn-around times, and consistent results!

Choosing INTERTEL as our preferred data provider allowed for increased consistency of results, faster turn-around times, and overall cost savings."

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Building Lasting Partnerships

We utilize technology to leverage a wide variety of information. These industry-leading strategic partnerships allow customers to benefit from multiple data points within the insurance claims ecosystem.